ABOUT | Sam K Ryan Studio | Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Content Creator based in Melbourne, Australia



 Sam K Ryan is an illustrator, graphic designer and content creator based in Melbourne, Australia.


With the focus of delivering design solutions and illustration commissions to clients, Sam combines her love for digital and printed content.


Sam has been fond of drawing since she was a child growing up in Gippsland. Many of her illustrations would focus on fashion figures, floral motifs, Golden Hollywood film actors, as well as animal characters. 


Alongside studying graphic design, having worked as an in-house designer and content creator at brands, such as Olga de Polga, Sam has also aimed to develop her own brand. Today, she presents her textile and fashion designs as playful sleepwear collections, hair pieces and various gift products.

Currently focusing on creative services, Sam invites you to get in contact with your illustration and design inquiries.