So, I did not see this coming. When I had first laid eyes on Charlie at the pet store, I thought, yes, a considerably low maintenance but loving pet. Perfect. Well… this is not quite the way the story goes.


It’s rather the opposite. He isn’t like your usual rabbit that may need a good brushing once and a while and one or two meals per day to keep him chummy. Nope, he’s not like this. As much as he has a fabulous sense of humour that makes me chuckle until my stomach hurts and gives great dating advice (which… when you think about it… is very bizarre considering dating is not quite within the social realm for the rabbit species I’m familiar with).


Anyway, let’s begin by highlighting his taste for fine fashion. That’s right. He’s very particular about his fashion sense. Oh wait, hold up, WHAT? Why is Charlie even wearing clothing in the first place, you ask? Well, he did insist. He seems to be… instinctively fashionable. That’s pretty much how I can go about describing that one.


As for his diet- it does feature a few more extra flavours and explorative dishes than most rabbits I’m sure would not have the pleasure of nibbling on. Overall, Charlie likes to think of himself as somewhat… cultivated and worldly. I adore this perspective he has. I’m just wondering where this seemingly knowledgeable and cultured Charlie has garnered all that he shares with me. Is he just being cheeky?


If this is the case, regardless, he’s MY Cheeky Charlie. 

'Cheeky Charlie' PRINT

  • This print is created with pigment inks through giclee printing in which produces dense tones and hues that accurately mirror the original artwork. 


    A grainy textured paper has been used to also support the appearance of this piece looking like the original raw medium or to appear most identical to its digital file. 


    Signed and individually numbered from out of 20 of this illustration. 


    Includes 1.5 cm border.



    Originally fine point pen and Derwent coloured pencils on paper.



    310 gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching



    A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm)