Some times... one must just let go and do as they feel despite what others expect of them and the mess they leave behind. 


Before this scene, Miss Pettigrew did what any other lady was expected to do. She sat with poise and demonstrated graceful mannerisms as she spoke in a tone one may liken to a singing bird.


As much as this sounds oh so wonderful and delightful, Miss Pettigrew was feelin' peckish more than usual. By the time her fellow lady friends had departed, it was time. It was time... to dive into those biscuits.


Miss Pettigrew's corset had also been aching her all day and she knew just how to distract herself from it digging into back. Of course, there was only one means of relieving such a nuisance.


Yes, it was in fact, more treats. Miss Pettigrew found a moment to say toodaloo to conformity and hello there to uninhibitedness (via her appetite). 

'Feelin' Peckish' PRINT Illustration

  • This print is created with pigment inks through giclee printing in which produces dense tones and hues that accurately mirror the original artwork.


    A grainy textured paper has been used to also support the appearance of this piece looking like the original raw medium or to appear most identical to its digital file. 


    Signed and individually numbered from out of 20 of this illustration.


    Includes 1.5 cm border.



    Originally pen on paper



    German Etching paper



    A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm)