A New Creative Adventure

First of all, I welcome you to my whimsical wonderland! I'm so very happy you can join me on this new and exciting adventure! I truly hope to explore, learn and share my creative world with the world. And, of course I want to invite you to come along with me!

I've always had a lil' sparkle of energy for drawing and creating artwork. Even as a minnie human, my heart belonged to scribbling and splashing colour onto the page. Regardless of whether some one would come across my work, it satisfied my fantasy-prone personality.

Film and television has been a humongous influence towards my desire to create in my own way. I was inspired by the stories, characters and most especially the costumes. Oh, how I wanted to dance and prance around like a pretty princess in Victorian-style gowns! (I still do a little bit...) I wanted to jump into the television screen and swipe the beautiful and extravagant garments from the film sets. Well, not really. But... I was greatly motivated to draw and design my own characters and fashion.

As my interest in fashion and drawing followed me into adulthood (or for me, 'big-kid-hood' is where I will always be at), my desire to share what I do with others has grown immensely. More than ever, I'm ambitious to contribute my aesthetic to the fashion industry.

With my partner, Jonathan, we are making this dream of mine a reality and I'm of course thankful for his assistance as we work very hard together. This is incredibly thrilling for both of us!

Until Jonathan and myself present and showcase Sam K Ryan fashion to you, we hope you also enjoy the ride whilst we get to our creative destination.

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