My Creative Space: When I Work, I Mostly Play

I rely on being inspired. I’m always on the look out for what can encourage creativity in me. When I find it, I truly latch onto it. Then, I need to translate it in front of me.

This may be with the scribble of my pen, illustrating a princess and monkey walking down the aisle to that of a preppy dressed rabbit requesting the salt on his carrot from his human owner.

What ever it is... theatrical is mostly how I like it.

I do consider myself an adult still growing up. What has an element of humour and childishness always draws me in and summons out my own playfulness.

It’s my time to play when I’m in my creative space.

Drawing and splashing colour onto my page is never without a moment of scolding Benji, my 'lil maltese shitzu puppy, for attacking my belongings.

Don’t let these good boy images deceive you.

I'm most happy in this place.

Marilyn Monroe is responsible for my fashion taste and beauty style.

She was my initial template for face and figure as I begun developing my drawing skills in fashion illustration and design as a teenager. When most were following the lives of current influential pop figures, I was watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Singing in the Rain and Golden Age of Hollywood flicks. 'Twas cool for me...

Marilyn Monroe has inspired me in oh so many ways. It's commonly known that she battled mental illness, severe shyness and various other difficulties throughout her life. Although I find her relatable in such ways, what truly makes her significant to me (and I'm sure for so many) was that she was ultimately a dreamer.

As for myself, dreaming keeps me sane. It keeps me inspired to actually make wonderful things happen. Or at least push through to get a step closer to achieving a particular goal.

All in all... I'm inspired by the smallest of things.

Like this fluff ball.

Photographer: Ebony Dennis

IG: @ekdphotography._

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