Here's To Freedom: Time To Let Loose & Boogie!

When illustration and fashion meet... it's like a party.

For me, combining both is like bringing together my favourite people to celebrate, sing karaoke and have a lil' wine.

My good friend, Illustration, tends to whip out the quirky one-liners and always leaves us with sore stomachs from laughing. And of course, Fashion, is always in the know of the latest everything. Whether she speaks of the newest style trends or who's dating who, everyone is all ears when Fashion utters a word.

It's the usual weekend get-together, you could say. It's time to let loose and boogie!

As I present illustration interwoven with fashion, I am letting loose creatively. I am letting myself be free professionally, as well as personally.

In doing so, I truly hope to encourage others towards creative exploration and confidence in sharing their individual style with the world as well.

My endeavour to explore and create through drawing is a desire that fulfills me in so many ways.

It fulfills me in the way of communication; showcasing my thoughts and aspects of my personality I’m not necessarily confident in directly sharing at an interpersonal level.

Through the content of my work, I reveal my sense of humour, my childish nature and appreciation for what I perceive as ‘beautiful.’

I have struggled to commit to tertiary education in the past due to anxiety and have found that I would rather be self-directed with most of my learning.

Character of an upcoming children's book I'm working on

As an illustrator, I am essentially self-taught. I attribute my skills in drawing to visual observation and practice, practice, practice! I consider this to be a sort of 'passionate learning.'

When you're learning in this way, you're not directly conscious of the acquisition of skills. You do what you do because you enjoy it and subsequently you develop and learn along the way.

I love scribblin' onto my page and that’s very simple for me.

Characters of an upcoming children's book I'm working on

I begin my textile designs as illustrations and some are even finished artworks, fully refined with cross-hatching and are coloured in various mediums.

The core idea behind Sam K Ryan is illustration being showcased on the body. Fashion is about sharing a visual with others whilst it roams with our movement. I aim for my illustrations to be incorporated into design and have a function (as well as strong aesthetic).

I've dreamt a lot about pursuing a wildly creative adventure. Now I'm dreaming out loud and sharing all that I love with you all and am making this wildly colourful fashion adventure come to life.

Please stay tuned, lovely people.

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