This is about Yvette Smith, who adorns her life in vivid and vibrant colour.

Whether she is showcasing her love of blooms and quirky design through artistic photography or dedicating herself to human rights, she is no doubt one to keep an eye on!

You can definitely see why I follow along Yvette’s floral, fashion style and travel adventure.

As much as Yvette entices so many with her social media snaps, she also shares an attitude and personal nature that is entirely down-to-earth and humanistic.

I am certainly thankful to Yvette for the opportunity to discover more about her story.

This is a snippet of Yvette’s interesting and colourful life as she works hard and gets playful and creative.

She's in an impassioned relationship with blooms

What initially inspired you to capture your love of flowers so creatively?

"Well, I’ve always had a passion for flowers and all things floral but for a long time that passion never extended beyond dresses and accessories, and a growing Cath Kidston collection."

"Then I woke up one day about a year ago and decided to I was going to volunteer part time at a local florist."

"I started small at first, making small arrangements for friends and family. Soon, I began experimenting with my ideas on hand tie and flat lay arrangements, and I started posting my own pictures and such."

"It also helps that my brother, who is a photographer, has taught me a bit about photography."

"The other thing that I really like to do is to combine fashion and flowers."

"I have a collection of floral dresses that I’ve slowly collected from everywhere, and it really helps when I am able to draw my inspiration from the floral patterned fabrics."

"I just think that fashion and flowers are so intrinsically tied together."

"I’m always looking to learn about creative process of flower arrangement from my florist friends and see how they work their ideas. And I think they really put the idea in my head to take some courses at McQueens Flowers and the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers in London."

"So earlier this year I signed up to some of their June flower courses. I was just so eager to learn from these two respected institutions in the flower world!"

"So far, the courses have taught me how to work with different seasonal flowers, foliage, colour combinations and structure."

"There is just so much room to step out of the boundaries and go wild with the colours and the different flower and foliage elements!"

She's treating her travel-bug with a significant dose of adventure!

Where has your travel-bug taken you throughout the world?​

"I’ve been to quite a few places, mainly capital cities in Japan, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Greece…. Okay, let’s just say a fair bit of Europe and Eastern Europe."

"It helps when Ryan Air and Easyjet have cheap airline deals and I took every single opportunity to travel when I was living in London. Growing up in Singapore and Brisbane has also helped me travel to destinations around the region."

She SHINES as she dedicates herself to human rights

Pursing a Masters in Human Rights- what does this educational focus mean to you? What do you aim for after completion of your studies?

"I’ve always had a passion for advocacy work especially when it’s the human rights cause. I’ve decided to pursue this degree after volunteering at a local NGO and hopefully I will be done in the next year (fingers crossed).

"I honestly believe education is a powerful tool and it empowers one to make changes to mindset, people and the community. It’s definitely a huge challenge to study part time and work full time. My job can be demanding at times and sometimes it’s a real juggle to find time to study and pursue my hobbies (photography and flowers)."

"It helps when you’re super organised and you break down your days to focus your energy on specific tasks. I’m a massive procrastinator (I guessed it’s the same with many folks) so sometimes it can be challenge to remain focused but I get there eventually. I hope to eventually work with a development NGO in South East Asia or South America in the not so distant future."

She inspires me to colour in my world with my passions

What is your message to inspire and encourage other women to be courageous in sharing their unique, colourful and creative aesthetic and personality with the world?

"I believe in trusting and believing in oneself. Pursue what you are passionate about. That includes your personal style and thoughts. Persevere when things get hard, and manage all the resources and relationships at your disposal."

"Being empathetic and understanding people and their different communication styles are also essential. As a woman, you sometimes need to overcome conscious or unconscious bias but I strongly believe that trusting and having confidence in yourself is the key to push yourself forward."

Follow alongside Yvette as she expresses her love for blooms, travel and all things colourful!

Instagram: @shelovesblooms


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