Okay and back to it! Apologies for such a long absence.

I will be focusing this journal entry on a lovely friend of mine. With a genuine thoughtfulness that runs through her creative work, I’m truly happy to share a snippet of what she does with you.

Say hello to Ebony Dennis.

Ebony, the cutie pie, was reluctant to allow me to get a snap of her when we caught up to chat about her creative adventures. Instead, I’ve decided to illustrate this smiley face of hers to capture her vibrant, friendly essence. I don’t know if I’ve done it justice, but here you go.

I absolutely admire Ebony’s photographic creations that focus on raising awareness of mental illness. We all find ourselves battling some form of mental health issue at one or more stages in our life. For many more than we think, experiencing depression, anxiety or other forms of mental illness is part of each and every day.

Talking about our own experiences and battles with mental illness is no doubt hard enough. We want to share, we want to hear and we want to relate to someone. Finding that someone or something we relate to and an opportunity to speak and be listened to can also be challenging. Art is such a beautiful platform and outlet to find that sense of comfort and connection as one translates an experience that may be hard to express through other means.

Ebony is a wonderful storyteller and I shall share her photography alongside what are amazing words by poet, Chalise Van Wyngaardt.

'The sequence of the story mimics the stages you go through when you’re having a panic attach from start to finish. Ultimately, the purpose of this body of work is to raise awareness of mental illness, especially anxiety.'

These are extracts from the series of works called ‘Qualm’.

‘Qualm’ is defined as ‘an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry, or fear, especially about one’s own conduct; a misgiving.’

For the full series of 'Qualm', jump over to Ebony’s website.

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