Draped in Colour

It's quite obvious I'm a lover of colour. I get all giddy for all things playfully bold and quirky. Always on the look out for fashion and textile inspiration and Pinterest tends to be my best friend as I hunt for fanciful pictures. Here are a few picks of mine that squeal colour.

Unknown designer


Colour blocking! How lovely. The simplicity of colour blocking is so appealing here. This over-sized geometric pattern compliments the dress so well. With what is more of a firm drape, your eyes catch the beautiful colour combination.

Unknown designer


This vivid print is gorgeous. It projects a sense of sophistication combined with exuberance due to the colour palette and sheen of the fabric. I absolutely love pink hues and this magenta pops loudly amongst the indigo and green. Overall, it’s wonderfully elegant, darlings.

Dolce and Gabbana


Dolce and Gabbana

I LOVE all that is exaggerated when it comes to textile prints. The saturated, photographic print of the pineapples is such a fun, summery design. Oh, how I wish it was summer right now... I wouldn't mind a pineapple juice too actually.


Jeremy Scott

The aspect of illustration being incorporated into fashion is magical to me. These designs by Jeremy Scott are entirely quirky and zany. Stamping bold, colourful imagery and motifs in spontaneous compositions makes for a ridiculously fun and energetic style. How amazing! I am in lurrrve.

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